graphoW is a Python package for the creation of a Graph-of-Words (GoW) representation of texts.

Structure is based on: “Graph-of-word and TW-IDF: new approach to ad hoc IR” Graph metrics are based on: “Graph analysis of dream reports is especially informative about psychosis” Narrative consistency and rapidity are based on: “Measuring Narrative Fluency by Analyzing Dynamic Interaction Networks in Textual Narratives”

It allows to:

  • Create a GoW for individual texts.
  • Create a container of GoW in which each GoW corresponds to a paragraph in the text.
  • Compute diverse types of graph metrics (e.g., individual, global, connectivity…).
  • Compute the narrative consistency of text based on all terms or only on noun phrases.
  • Compute the rapidity of a text, i.e., how slow/fast change the structure of paragraphs.

graphoW is licenced under the Apache License V2.0. Copyright 2021 - ISISTAN - UNICEN - CONICET

Antonela Tommasel
Researcher at CONICET

My research interests include social computing applications of machine learning and recommender systems.