Social Media

Influence and performance of user similarity metrics in followee prediction

The study shows how the choice of the different factors and assessment alternatives affects followee recommendation. It also verifies the existence of certain patterns regarding friends and random users' similarities, which can condition the adequacy of the available similarity metrics.

Tracking the evolution of crisis processes and mental health on social mediaduring the COVID-19 pandemic

We present a thematic analysis on the differences in language used in social media posts, and look at indicators that reveal the different stages of a crisis and the country response thereof. The analysis was combined with a study of the temporal prevalence of mental health conversations across the time span.

Faking It!

This Java tool aims at facilitating the creation of datasets from social media including not only the shared content, but also the social context of the content.

Hate Speech Bias

Hate speech is in the eye of the beholder Exploring bias on hate perception

Digital Citizens

The Role of Social Media in e-Participation in Argentina

Faking It!

Faking It! A fake news multi-sourced dataset powered by Social Media

An experimental study on feature engineering and learning approaches for aggression detection in social media

The goal of this work is toshed some light on the effects of learning paradigms and feature engineering approaches for detecting aggressionsin social media texts.


Online Harm-Aware Recommender System